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We always strive for the maximum while maintaining your relationship with the landlord.

In the rapidly changing retail landscape, having a prime location with favorable conditions is highly valuable. With our wealth of data and market knowledge, we assist you in optimizing your lease terms. By doing so, we can contribute to your success.


“We value the trust we build with our clients. Having insight into their operations strengthens our negotiating position with the landlord.” Menno Postma – Owner and Founder

Menno Postma Owner and founder

Who we work with

To provide you with the most comprehensive advice possible, we collaborate with other knowledgeable parties. Of course, we remain your primary point of contact.

  • INretail

    INretail is the largest trade association for anyone who owns a (web)store in non-food retail. We have been working closely with this organization for years. We provide advice to INretail members, and the experts at INretail assist us with various business-related issues, including financial matters.

  • Spect

    Spect is a trusted partner that helps clarify complex real estate challenges. They provide technical support, construction supervision, building inspections, and asbestos research, among other services. We rely on their expertise to assist us in various aspects related to real estate.

  • The Bill Doctor

    Together with The Bill Doctor, we help you save on energy costs through collective energy procurement. The Bill Doctor specializes in optimizing energy purchasing, allowing us to provide you with more cost-effective energy solutions.

  • Vistra Sedico

    Vistra Sedico is a highly experienced and critical partner when it comes to service cost audits. They possess all the key metrics and usage data necessary for thorough evaluations. Their expertise ensures a comprehensive assessment of service charges.

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