Termination of lease agreement

Making smart decisions is not something you do alone, especially when it comes to terminating a lease agreement

Parting ways on favorable terms

Do you not have a succession plan in place or has the possibility of operating the business become unfeasible due to declining revenues? Then it might be time to say goodbye to a location. We can assist you in making this transition happen under the most favorable conditions possible.


Bricks and clicks

In the current market, finding the right balance between “bricks and clicks” is crucial for survival. Furthermore, almost all retail areas are experiencing a decline in average sales. Based on these developments, some locations need to be reconsidered. During such transformative processes, we are your powerful and reliable partner. We have extensive insights into the latest trends and monitor their implications, including rent price changes, sales figures, and footfall   in retail areas. With this information, we can assist you in making the smartest choices.

Sometimes it’s just time to move on

The physical retail industry is going through turbulent times, and sometimes it’s better to just let go of old values. We are here to assist you in making that transition…

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