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For every retailer
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As a team, we are ready to assist every retailer, large or small.

Our client portfolio is extensive and includes retailers of all sizes, from chains to independent entrepreneurs. We assist them in leasing their ideal retail location under the best terms so that they can make their business a success.


Exclusive for retailers

To provide our clients with truly independent advice, we believe it is necessary to take a clear stance. In 2001, we put our dual (broker) role aside, which caused quite a stir at the time. We chose to gain a deep understanding of the commercial real estate game and acquire extensive knowledge of various markets, but with the sole purpose of using that knowledge for the benefit of retailers.

We have the ability to adapt

The strength of Vastgoed Intervisie lies in our ability to adapt to the phase in which the client and the retail market find themselves. We are always there for our clients and provide customized solutions. With dedication, we strive for the best possible results, in good times and in bad.

A few of our clients


We are proud of our beautiful and highly diverse client portfolio. Traditionally, we have had strong ties to the supermarket and clothing industries, but over the years, we have expanded our network significantly and assist retailers in all types of locations, including hospitality, peripheral areas, food halls, and various types of shopping centers. Through the structure of our organization, we are able to provide tailored advice to every retailer, whether they are part of a chain or an independent business.

We value independent entrepreneurs just as much and provide them with equal advice compared to the many chains we represent. This is our commitment, and we prove it time and time again.

We take pride in serving our clients every day, not only in the Netherlands but also in Belgium.

“Sharp, tenacious and goal-oriented!”

Hans du Gardijn Owner Janse Mode

“Vastgoed InterVisie is a great partner to assess retail rental prices. The consultants dive deep into the cases, are realistic, collaborative and results-oriented. They deliver excellent work for parties seeking to lease real estate.”

Christian Koopmans Spar Holding

“I don’t like to delegate tasks, but with Vastgoed Intervisie, I do it with peace of mind.”

Edward Beerta Owner The Stone

“At various rent negotiations, they have proven to be the best partner for me.”

Petra Glandorf Owner Femm Fashion & More

“We know Vastgoed Intervisie as a professional partner in rent revisions, appraisals, and contract negotiations.”

Kelly Ballering McDonald’s Nederland

In the market, we are still known for our specialization in rent reviews, but that perception is quite outdated. For years, we have been offering a comprehensive package where “complete peace of mind” is the keyword. We always delve into our client’s business operations, actively engage in brainstorming, and align our strategy accordingly. Only then can we achieve the maximum potential of a retail location.

We have a different perspective on the valuation of retail real estate. While valuing the bricks and mortar is important, we believe that the value should be determined based on the revenue a retailer can generate in that specific location. Factors such as the impact of online retail on a retailer’s business model are taken into consideration during negotiations for a fair rent price and lease term.