Portfolio analysis

Maximize the potential of
your rental portfolio through portfolio analysis

We assist you in making the right choices

Is your retail organization facing a strategic decision? Do you need to reduce rental costs or the size of your store portfolio? Or perhaps you want to achieve a better balance between online and offline activities? We can conduct comprehensive research for you, enabling you to make well informed decisions.


A thorough screening

Through a thorough screening process, we swiftly and expertly assess the optimization opportunities across various aspects. This can include strategies such as reducing rental prices or minimizing future lease obligations. Our advice is primarily based on market developments that influence prevailing rental prices. We also consider factors such as revised rents and the fair market rental value.

A clear overview of opportunities and threats

We provide a comprehensive analysis of opportunities and threats, taking into account both aspects. We understand that a rental price can be too low, and we consider potential risks as well. Initially, we assess the lease durations and the available termination options. Then, we identify areas where improvements can be made.

If desired, we can also incorporate revenue data and trends into our analysis. This approach has yielded excellent results in negotiations with a large number of clients. Of course, we   treat such sensitive information with utmost confidentiality.

Maximize the potential of your rental

With the insights gained from the research, you can optimize your portfolio on your own or with our assistance. This ensures that your portfolio aligns seamlessly with the current market situation and your strategic objectives.

Clear overview of all challenges

We provide a comprehensive assessment of all optimization possibilities and have the ability to accurately anticipate the achievable end results.

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