Rental price revision

Over 20 years of expertise in rent price revisions

Annually, we handle a minimum of 200 rent price revisions with a positive outcome.

Do you feel that your rent is too high or is the landlord proposing a rent increase without valid reasons? We assist you in achieving an optimal outcome for your rent price revision.


For over 20 years, we have been the specialists in rent price revisions for retailers of all sizes in the Netherlands and Belgium. We possess extensive knowledge and data on various types of retail locations, including regular retail, restaurants, supermarkets, outlets, and peripheral retail. The advisors at Vastgoed Intervisie have access to a comprehensive database of rental information and have a deep understanding of the legal procedures involved. They can efficiently and accurately assess whether your rent price is still reasonable.

We always strive for the maximum achievable outcome while maintaining good relationships. Your interests as a tenant are always our top priority.

Menno Postma Owner and founder

We know the rules

We have a thorough understanding of how the game of rent price revision is played, adhering to the regulations outlined in the law. If our research indicates that your rent price is too high, we will discuss the possibilities of lowering the rent for the next 5 years. If your landlord believes that the rent price is too low, we leverage our knowledge and data to minimize the proposed increase as much as possible. We can assist you in various ways, from providing a concise report for you to proceed independently, to offering full guidance where we handle the research and negotiation process on your behalf.

When can the rent price be revised?

Rent prices can typically be revised from the second term of the lease or 5 years after the last determination. However, due to rapid market developments leading to substantial declines in rent prices in recent years, we can successfully renegotiate and adjust lease agreements to current market conditions even within the first term. Therefore, feel free to submit such lease agreements to us for evaluation. After assessment, we will provide information on the available options.

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A new rent price on firm rental dates

If you need a critical assessment of your rent price based on actual figures from nearby stores, please let us know.

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