Commercial negotiation/re-negotiation

Negotiating a price that aligns with the current market conditions

In that case, we don't rely on the law, but on what is happening in the market.

Normally, lease agreements are eligible for rent review starting from the second rental term. However, in the current market, market rents often decline faster than the revised rent. As a result, we can successfully renegotiate lease agreements even in the first term. We refer to this as a commercial (re)negotiation.


Adjusting your rental price to the market

Lower footfall numbers, vacancies, and other developments contribute to declining rental prices. That’s why it is often not wise to wait for a scheduled rent review. You’ll likely end up overpaying for an extended period. With our assistance, you can proactively renegotiate your lease agreement, allowing the rental price to be adjusted to the current market conditions.

We often achieve success in our negotiations

We base our negotiations on smart data and possess extensive market knowledge, which enables us to effectively persuade landlords. By establishing favorable agreements, we create a win-win situation.

95% of the commercial (re)negotiations we conduct result in a reduced rental price or other improvements in the lease terms. This can include securing a longer lease term for added security, among other benefits.

The difference between surviving and not surviving

A successful commercial (re)negotiation can make the difference between surviving and not surviving in a turbulent market. If you’re curious about whether we can assist you with your rental price, we invite you to request a free rent scan.


When the retail area changes too rapidly

It’s a way to initiate a conversation with your landlord when there is a need to adapt to a rapidly changing retail landscape.

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